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A new look for One.IU

New One.IU design refresh coming in September 2021!

Search. Click. Done. It's the established standard for discovering your campus services. One.IU is a powerfully efficient search interface that allows users to locate specific services for specific needs. Need to look up your grades? Curious about your CrimsonCard balance? Looking for student orientation information? Find it all from One.IU.

One.IU allows you to create a list of the services you use most often, and arrange them according to your preference. You may also provide direct feedback to service providers through One.IU, which helps them improve the services that you use the most.

One.IU was designed at Indiana University with today's web user in mind. Super easy to use, a modern app store interface, mobile friendly, and powered by an optimal search bar that makes finding anything a breeze. One.IU can host everything from class registration, meal plan info, course information for students, to faculty and staff tools and services.

Whether you're viewing on a desktop monitor or smart phone, One.IU is built on technology that adapts to whatever screen size you're on. If you're in the office or on the go - One.IU will deliver the perfect web experience on any device you choose to connect with.

Learn more about One.IU from IU's Knowledge Base.

Equal to the Task

All your tasks in one convenient search. If it's a service at Indiana University, you will find it as a task in One.IU. You can even customize your search to find only tasks related to your role or campus location. Students will find tasks such as transcript information and class schedules. Staff will find tasks related to human resources, clocking in/out of work, or purchasing parking permits. Faculty will find tasks such as student rosters, teaching resources, or teaching technologies.

image of tasks in One.IUimage of tasks in One.IU

Campus filtering allows users to further customize their experience by searching only within the campus to which they are affiliated.

Task Centers

Often, One.IU search results will include groupings of related tasks, known as Task Centers. These groupings of tasks allow users to not only find what they are looking for, but to also discover tasks that they may not have known about, but could still be relevant to their search. Examples of task centers may include student orientation packets, academic advising check lists, or new employee onboarding.
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